Chef Labarre has been in the food service industry one way or another for over 30 years. Having started off washing dishes at a neighborhood diner, he caught “The Bug” and pursued whatever it took to become successful in the crazy hospitality business. From diners to fine dining to private chef to corporate dining, Chef Labarre has made a name for himself and gained the respect of his peers. This blog is a way to instruct the foodie in YOU on how to preserve the seasons and help stop the huge amounts of waste in this country.

Sadly, 40 percent of the food we produce in the US is wasted. On the vine, in our fridges or at the grocery store, we only eat about 60 percent, the rest goes into the dumpster. Having been a professional chef for many years, I have learned many ways to preserve the food and keep waste in my kitchen at manageable levels. There are so many ways to save our foods that I know you will find useful. I also love to support local farms and artisans. The seasons are short here in New Hampshire so I have found ways to extend this season and enjoy these awesome products all the way through the long winter. I hope that you will find this useful as well.